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to the dark music of Chris Wirsig - composer, songwriter and producer;
best known for his Electro Noire band no:carrier, the electronica/ambient project Virtual Conformity, and several soundtrack works.

There's more info and of course lots of music to listen to...

no:carrier release new album "Broken Rainbow - Ballads for an Apocalyptic World"
November 11, 2016
Today no:carrier release their new album "Broken Rainbow" – sub-titled "Ballads for an Apocalyptic World". The cover shows this end-time vision with a sightless, dressed-up girl holding a dark crow amidst a barren landscape, oblivious of the destruction around her. Only a little glimpse of hope can be seen in the form of an, albeit fading, rainbow.

The songs on "Broken Rainbow" range from the lead single's topic of depression and addiction ("Your Heroin") to the important role alleged villains often play in fostering what is good ("Holy Judas"), and the depths of human behavior ("Little Death", "The Day I Met You", "Alibis"). With the creepy cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising", and "The Man Who Drew Cats", a biographical song about Louis Wain, famous for his illustrations of anthropomorphic cats, no:carrier again show a wide range of topics and musical influences, and merge it with their signature Electro Noir style.

Album landing page with more information and full pre-listen: http://brokenrainbow.nocarriermusic.com
“Broken Rainbow” will be available digitally and on limited edition CD from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other stores

Kaspersky Lab research video with Chris' music
August 23, 2016
A new Kaspersky Lab video for a research about how digital devices have become our best friends features new music from Chris. You'll find some interesting revelations about our dependence on smartphones in the video...

Watch the video here.

Chris' music now also available from DA Music Management
August 10, 2016
Some of Chris' music is now also available from the DA Music Management library, a cutting-edge artist development/business operations boutique firm offering tracks for placement in all aspects of media. Chris is also one of DA Music's house composers available for commissioned work. You can find DA Music's library at damusic.sourceaudio.com.

“The 13 Crystal Skulls” released to rave reviews
May 13, 2016
Today the new dark ambient instrumental album by Chris Wirsig & no:carrier was officially released after already garnering lots of great reviews from the likes of Huffington Post, Brutal Resonance, Daily News Service, ShockYa and others. The music reflects the lore of adventure, mystery and occult topics surrounding the supposedly Mesoamerican artifacts, the Crystal Skulls, with Wirsig’s unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements.
Full streaming of the album and more information at crystalskulls.chriswirsig.com
Available digitally and on CD at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and select record stores.

“20 Matches” running at several film festivals
February 21, 2016
We're happy to announce that the short movie "20 Matches", scored by Chris, is now running in the first film festivals, with more already confirmed that cannot be announced yet. The current festival line-up is: Ashland Independent Film Festival in Oregon, Pheonix Film Festival in Arizona and Victoria TX Indie Film Fest in Texas.

Chris Wirsig releases soundtrack EP for mystery short film “20 Matches”
January 22, 2016
The motion picture soundtrack for the mysterious, creepy short film "20 Matches" by writer/director Mark Tapio Kines, about a serial killer in Vienna, is released today. The music by Chris Wirsig underlines the gloomy, confined atmosphere with a small chamber string ensemble and electronics that blend to form a hybrid score, reminiscent of John Carpenter’s work, but still firmly rooted in today’s sounds.

Mark Tapio Kines about the music: “I chose Chris for this project because I was interested in working with a composer who had a background in electronic music. I wanted a score that could feel both menacing and modern, with a dense texture and a sort of rhythm to it, while being sparse and claustrophobic at the same time. That's a lot of different ideas to ask for from one composer, especially for a short film, but Chris and I got on the same page pretty fast, and my notes got fewer and fewer. By the time he sent me the music for the end credits, I had no notes at all. It was perfect. It was all perfect.”

Having recently relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles, composer/producer Chris Wirsig, creative head of the Electropop band no:carrier and the Electronica/Ambient project Virtual Conformity, is lending his unique dark hybrid style for scoring TV and movie projects, with 20 Matches being the first movie score.

The soundtrack EP is available digitally and on limited edition CD from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other stores.

Upcoming releases from Chris Wirsig and no:carrier
December 10, 2015
Several new releases are scheduled from Chris Wirsig and the electropop band no:carrier for the next year already. First up will be the "20 Matches Soundtrack" in January, including an alternative version of the score produced exclusively for the soundtrack release. Spring will see a full instrumental album, "The 13 Crystal Skulls", and later no:carrier will release new material as well. So no rest over the holidays as there's a lot cooking right now :-).

Score for mystery short movie "20 Matches"
September 15, 2015
Chris Wirsig has produced the full score for the creepy mystery short movie "20 Matches" by writer/director Mark Tapio Kines and Cassavafilms. The movie was shot only with the light of a lit match while the protagonist tells the story of a serial killer in Vienna. The score prominently features a string ensemble, piano and electronic elements. The movie will be screened at several film festivals soon.
You can already watch the trailer here.

no:carrier’s “Ghosts Of The West Coast” out now
May 29, 2015
The songs on “Ghosts Of The West Coast” show the American Dream gone wrong with a stalking ex-boyfriend looking for his lost love at the end of the summer (Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer”), the perils of fame and showbiz (Belinda Carlisle’s “California”), lost dreams and fortunes leading to homelessness (Tony Carey’s “Room With A View”), and again, lost love (Irish traditional “She Moved Through The Fair”).

Apart from no:carrier’s Cynthia Wechselberger, who sings the somber „She Moved Through The Fair“, the singers are: Melissa Harding („California“), who already worked with artists like Mötley Crüe, Sixx.A.M. and 30 Seconds To Mars, Kalib DuArte („The Boys Of Summer“), who is best known as the lead singer of Audio Terrorist, and Lauralee Brown (“Room With A View”), a well-known singer/songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

no:carrier’s “Ghosts Of The West Coast” set for release May 29
April 25, 2015
The upcoming cover songs EP from Electro Noire Pop band no:carrier is set for worldwide release on May 29, 2015. The EP will be available digitally on all platforms as well as special CD edition from the bands Bandcamp shop. The EP will feature four unlikely cover versions in no:carriers unique dark electronic style, as well as four different singers: Apart from no:carrier’s Cynthia Wechselberger the EP features Kalib DuArte, Melissa Harding and Lauralee Brown.

The songs are: “The Boys Of Summer” (Don Henley), “California” (Belinda Carlisle), “Room With A View” (Tony Carey) and “She Moved Through The Fair” (Irish Traditional).

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